Warmun Art Centre works with some of the most prominent contemporary painters in Australia. From the barramundi scales of Lena Nyadbi (which are now visible from the Eiffel Tower in Paris) to the vibrant imagery of Rammey Ramsey, the complex storytelling contained in Rusty Peters’ paintings and the now iconic Garnkiny doo Wardal (moon and star) by Mabel Juli.

Warmun Art Centre represents a range of established, mid-career and emerging artists from Warmun Community and surrounding areas – who work predominately with natural ochre sourced from Gija country. Some artists also work with acrylic paint, wood carving, photography and video.

We have a strong exhibition program that takes place nationally and internationally every year. Our on-site gallery is also open to the public. If you are interested in seeing and/or purchasing further work by any of the artists please email our staff at enquiries@warmunart.com.au

We politely ask that these images on this site are not re-used without the express permission of Warmun Art Centre.