David Cox was born at Yiyili, between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing. He was schooled at Yiyili and spent most of his early years there. This area has many creeks running through it, which feed the Fitzroy River in the west of the Kimberley. Cox now lives in Warmun Community, Turkey Creek, where he paints. Cox is part of a younger group of artists at Warmun who have an intense interest in the Dreaming stories of their ancestors and are interested in exploring new ways of communicating these stories to the wider Australian community and members of the Warmun community. Cox learnt to paint under the instruction of established Warmun artist Churchill Cann, whose aerial approach to viewing landscape and his use of fine sweeping ‘watercolour’ strokes (using the trademark Warmun natural ochres) have greatly influenced Cox’s work. Many of Cox’s stories have passed to him from his mother, while Cox’s father, also an artist, taught him to paint. Cox is the cousin of well-known Warmun artist Katie Cox.

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