In many ways the studio is the heart of the Warmun Art Centre community.

The studio is where ideas emerge, stories are shared and art is made. It is the place where people come everyday to drink nalija (tea), cook mangari (food) and jarrag (chat).

Image: Ralph Juli in front of the Bow Shed that he built

Many of our long term art and cultural projects that result in touring exhibitions, publications and videos that Warmun Art Centre share in the community and with the world, unfold on a daily basis here amidst an always lively commotion of the community’s cultural and social life.

Meaningful training and professional development for staff is something we strive for. In the studio, artworks are photographed and catalogued, bodies of work are selected for exhibitions and freighted across Australia and overseas. The studio is the place where different techniques of crushing, cooking and mixing ochre take place, wood is cut and dried for carving and canvas is stretched. It is also here that a lot of conceptual development around artistic and cultural ideas take shape.

Image: Shirley Purdie carving a black cockatoo into jarlalu wood

The studio at Warmun Art Centre places prime importance on fostering a creative working environment that people feel good about being in – artists, staff and community members alike.

Image: Jane Yalunga making masks for Joonba