Marika Riley was born in 1982 in Derby. She attended Holy Rosary Primary School in Derby as a child, then went onto Derby District High School for her secondary education.

In 1996 Marika met her husband Lindsay Malay and in 1997 they had they first child Sally Malay and live in Derby for a bit. Marika and Lindsay had Seven children’s. Then Marika and Lindsay returned to his ancestral country, living around Yulumbu, Mt House and Mornington for 8 years. Marika and the kid’s support Lindsay on reclaiming his and family land back.

In December 2011, Marika and family went to Victoria to support their son/brother Sally who was following a career in rodeo. Marika and family live there for nearly 4 years.

Marika and family now lives in Warmun. Marika, Lindsay and their daughter Nicole now painting for Warmun Art Centre and as well as Marika and Lindsay working at the Art Centre full time.

Image: Marika Riley 342-18

Image: Marika Riley 206-18

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