WAC047/23 – Kathy Ramsay

– 100 x 100 cm


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Kathy Ramsay

100 x 100 cm
Year: 2023

Warlawoon – Kathy Ramsay

This painting is about the Warlawoon Country  – my dad Rammie Ramsay country, my beautiful old artist dad who left his memory with me to carry on after him.

In most of Kathy’s depiction of her father’s country would usually include circular shapes as well as squares – circular shapes representing the water holes whereas the square shapes depicts the camping grounds. But within this particular artwork there is a tree like figure that is centred within the middle. Depicting one of the many plants that are located all around Warlawoon country.

“the traditional stories of his mum and dad and their parents and so on he told me”