WAC211/23 – Kathy Ramsay

– 100 x 90 cm


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Kathy Ramsay
Natural Ochres on Canvas
100 x 90 cm
Year: 2023

Warlawoon& Bow River Country – Kathy Ramsay

This painting represents two countries – Kathy’s dad’s country, Warlawoon, and her country where she grew up, Bow River.


One half is about the Warlawoon Country my dad Rammie Ramsay country my beautiful old artist dad who left his memory with me to carry on after him.


Camping areas

water holes


and traditional stories of his mum and dad and their parents and so on he told me.


The other half is Bow River County.

My family has a strong history of this place. My grandfather Timmy Timms (Snr) named the dams here redrock damn, and the redrock itself called redrock and the damn near the hill is called marringarnji dam, meaning where dingos come to drink water with the horses and cattle.

My families has drovin’ histories and traditional stories both.

The road is called the old Wyndham road back in the early days. In nowadays it’s been graded.

My ancestors used to live anywhere here, at camping areas near the river beds. They used to live off the land eating kangaroo, porcupine, all sorts of bush foods.

We are so blessed God gave us boundaries to keep and to hold our future generation children to have and to hold.