WAC270/23 – Eileen Bray Joomena

– 45 x 45 cm


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Eileen Bray Joomena
Natural Ochres on Canvas
45 x 45 cm
Year: 2023

Wirrawirrdul – Eileen Bray

ileen has painted the Wirrawirrdul, Wirrawirrdul is the Kija name known for mermaid, she was told a story by an elder women of the community and was also known to be Patrick Mung’s sister – her name was Buttercup Mung. Buttercup told Eileen that she once heard noises and splashing within the junction area of the creek, when she went to investigate she had seen a women with half a fish’s tail and the other was human, She was very beautiful and pale – sit-in on the banks of the creek. When the mermaid had noticed that she had been seen, she quickly then jumped back into the water and disappeared.