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Natural Ochres on Canvas
45 x 45 cm
Year: 2022


Doomerinj Dreaming

That one emu, he bin poke his head down in the ground and called out. They reckon that other one (emu) which was situated in the West, further away from the East one been relay that message onto that one in the Southwest. That message, when it travels underground, it’s like a big bang. The Yellow in the middle represents the Bang where the echoes meet. That bang comes from that echo where the messages from East and West meet. That bang also causes the earth to move or shake, like an earthquake for about 2.5-3 seconds. And, they reckon sometimes it gave people back then a message – which could mean somebody passed away or big trouble coming ahead.

True Event from Doomeruny

When I was a kid growing up here in Warmun, old people used to tell us a story about that Doomeruny. And because we grew up in tents and humpies and no electricity and we used to get water down the creek, we could hear this big bang and the moving of the earth under our feet. It’s a pretty powerful true story. It’s still happening but you need to go somewhere more isolated to feel Doomeruny vibrations and hear it.


Gija Legend and Belief about Doomeruny


The old people lived without electricity, power, mobile phones or housing. They felt and believed the vibrations of Doomeruny. From that East to that West, it’s about 60-70 odd kilometres apart, and that one from the West to the Southwest, is approximately 180 kms. They know something pretty powerful was travelling underneath from one end to the other end (East to West, and West to Southwest).

Gija people believe mining will cause a big earthquake in that Gija country where that message or sound travels.