WAC354/22 – Madeline Purdie

– 100 x 100 cm


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Madeline Purdie
Natural Ochres on Canvas
100 x 100 cm
Year: 2022

Young boy seeking ground sugar bag

“This is a story about a young boy seeking ground sugar bag.

All my elders were out looking for ground sugar bag near the Mabel down hill, they been looking all day they were all weak and tired from digging in the ant hills looking for this ground sugar bag.

they told one young boy who was in the group with them to climb up and look around where the fat anthills (termite mounds) are that may have the ground sugar bag.

He climbed up Mabel down hill, he said nothing here in the middle where we been looking, only sunrise side and sun set side the young boy said.

On his way back down the hill he turned into a rock dreaming that’s him on the top of this hill in my painting.”