WAC389/23 – Jonathon Malgil

– 80 x 80 cm


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Jonathon Malgil
Natural Ochres on Canvas
80 x 80 cm
Year: 2023

Fish Hole

“This is the story of the turtle and the crocodile. The turtle tells this crocodile to go in the waterhole to check how deep it is. He went down and then floated up. That’s when the turtle put some ngarndoo (bush gum) on its back. The turtle told him to go in the second time. He floated back up onto the surface again, and then he told him to do it a third time. The turtle put more ngarndoo on the crocodile and that’s when he sank right to the bottom.

‘That’s when the turtle went behind the crocodile and created the pool in the shape of his shell.”