WAC425/22 – Eileen Bray Joomena

– 60 x 60 cm


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Eileen Bray Joomena
Natural Ochres on Canvas
60 x 60 cm
Year: 2022

Garnkiny & Black headed snake – Eileen Bray

“This is that Garnkiny (moon) and Nambin skin story” 

This story takes place back in the ngarnankarni  (dream-time).

There once were three female known to be of Nyawanna skin, all who were the rightful skin to Nambin  (black-headed snake) But it is told that the snake didn’t want to marry any of his rightful skin instead he wanted to marry the moon, this was forbidden as the moon was known to be his mother-in-law.

Within Eileen’s artwork you can see there are three hills positioned in the front of the artwork – these are described as Nyawana skin, as the snake is described to be the black-head snake – of Nambin skin. Located on top of the artwork sits the mother-in-law depicted as the moon.  

Back in the old days there were serious consequences when marrying the wrong skin, these actions would end in severe body injuries as well as blood shed, sometimes even banishment from the tribe and community. So it is very important to know what skin you are allowed to marry and not to marry.