WAC487/23 – Kathy Ramsay

– 60 x 80 cm


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Kathy Ramsay
Acrylic and Ochre on Canvas
60 x 80 cm
Year: 2024

Warlawoon – Kathy Ramsay

“This painting is about the Warlawoon Country my dad Rammey Ramsay country my beautiful old artist dad who left his memory with me to carry on after him.

Trees, camping areas, water holes, hills, and traditional stories of his mum and dad and their parents and so on he told me.” Kathy Ramsay

Kathy is one many children of the late senior Gija man of Jungoora skin, Rammay Ramsay, whose ancestral Country lies to the west of Bedford Downs near Elgee Cliffs. Following in her father’s foorsteps, her work is forever infused with the memory of Warlawoon Country. Together with a longing for Country, their work teases out the complexities of Gija world-views and the impact of pastoral occupation on their land.